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Indian Ocean plays key role in global warming hiatus

In a study published May 18 in Nature Geoscience, scientists from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School, Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (UM/CIMAS), NOAA and their colleagues describe the Indian Ocean's key role in the recent global warming hiatus.

The advantages of being different: more variable mammals have lower risk of extinction

Human activities are degrading the environment, leading to important biodiversity loss, and likely have started the sixth mass extinction event on Earth. At this time it is critical to understand why some species are disappearing much faster than others. The key may be their variability.

Variability helps mammals to become invasive

Invasive species are a serious issue. Ideally we want to identify these species before they become a threat. For mammals the key may be in understanding variation. Our study shows that mammals with greater variability in adult body size are more likely to become invasives.
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MIT Climate CoLab seeks high-impact ideas on how to tackle climate change

Twenty-two contests now open to the global public. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The Climate CoLab has announced twenty-two contests that seek high-impact ideas on how to tackle climate change.

Restored and natural mangrove shorelines provide different habitats for fish

Mangrove restorations attempt to improve habitat quality and function of previously cleared or degraded shorelines. However, restorations that use existing hard structure such as riprap revetments may alter the nursery habitat value for juvenile fish and other ecosystem functions
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Study Provides Local-scale Projections of Coral Bleaching Over the Next 100 Years

In a new study published April 1 in Global Change Biology, NOAA scientists and colleagues have developed a new method to produce high-resolution projections of the range and onset of severe annual coral bleaching for reefs in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.