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Hurricane Scientists Bring a New Wave of Technology to Improve Forecasts

The 2014 hurricane season will provide AOML with an opportunity to test some of the most advanced and innovative technologies.
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Volcanic Island of Maug Provides Natural Lab for Ocean Acidification

Maug, a volcanic island in the Pacific surrounded by bubbling carbon dioxide seeps, provides a naturally occurring laboratory for scientists to study ocean acidification. The presence of the carbon dioxide seeps may represent what reefs around the world will look like by next century.

Women in the military are less likely to drink than civilian women

While it is known that members of the U.S. military overall are more likely to use alcohol, a new study finds that female enlistees and female veterans are actually less likely to drink than their civilian counterparts.
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New Study Confirms Water Vapor as Global Warming Amplifier

Rising levels of water vapor in the upper troposphere – a key amplifier of global warming – will intensify climate change impacts over the next decades. This new study is the first to show that increased water vapor concentrations in the atmosphere are a direct result of human activities.

Dense seawater around Antarctica triggers an uncommon wave

A special type of wave can be excited by the offshore transport of dense water produced around Antarctic continental shelves. Understanding ocean circulation in these regions and how it affects the deep ocean is an important step towards improving climate projections.
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New Research Suggests Saharan Dust is Key to the Formation of Bahamas’ Great Bank

A new study suggests that Saharan dust played a major role in the formation of the Bahamas islands. Our researchers showed that iron-rich Saharan dust provides the nutrients necessary for specialized bacteria to produce the island chain’s carbonate-based foundation.