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MIT Climate CoLab seeks high-impact ideas on how to tackle climate change

Twenty-two contests now open to the global public. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – The Climate CoLab has announced twenty-two contests that seek high-impact ideas on how to tackle climate change.

Restored and natural mangrove shorelines provide different habitats for fish

Mangrove restorations attempt to improve habitat quality and function of previously cleared or degraded shorelines. However, restorations that use existing hard structure such as riprap revetments may alter the nursery habitat value for juvenile fish and other ecosystem functions
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Study Provides Local-scale Projections of Coral Bleaching Over the Next 100 Years

In a new study published April 1 in Global Change Biology, NOAA scientists and colleagues have developed a new method to produce high-resolution projections of the range and onset of severe annual coral bleaching for reefs in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.
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Research Reveals New Theory on Hurricane Formation and Intensification

How do hurricanes form, survive, and intensify? New research on the environment surrounding a tropical storm has potential to greatly impact how hurricane development is studied and forecasted.
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AOML Scientists featured in special Women's History Month Issue of Oceanography Magazine

The Oceanography Society has published a special issue of their magazine for 2015 Women’s History Month entitled “Women in Oceanography: a Decade Later." The issue features four AOML scientists who are currently working hard to make positive innovations and impressions in the field of oceanography.
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Crowdsourcing solutions to climate change

On the Climate CoLab, you can work with 30,000+ experts and concerned citizens from all over the world to create proposals on what to do about climate change. Learn about how the platform works and how you can contribute to building climate change solutions.